Sunday, October 18, 2009 are cordially invited...

9 weeks until we tie the knot.

thanks to ashley, my invitations are beautiful and finished :) she put so much hard work in the designing, printing and construction of the little pieces of art .

i found the paper at once the paper arrived, we hand-stamped all of the actual invitations with the gold and black flowers ( ashley printed the RSVPs and created the hand-drawn maps of Detroit (how creative!) we sealed the invites with a verse from song of solomon, "i found the one whom my soul loves" to finish it off!

so cute, right?

i also got to sleep over at sweet sarah's this weekend. i am going to miss her, her family and the bible study so much. little eda (sarah's daughter) is growing up so fast. this morning, right before we were about to leave for church, eda found a corner to 'do her business'. she is so cute!

well, i haven't touched my notes for school ONCE this weekend - i should get on that!

much love.