Wednesday, October 7, 2009

74 more days!

Can you believe it? Jeff and I are finally getting married, in 74 days. These past few months haven't been easy - I just want to be married to him. Enough of this lame 'planning' stuff, a wedding lasts about 5 hours. I'm will not stress about it.

Jeff is still working for a music licensing agency in NYC. He just moved into our apartment on the Upper East Side. I went through a period when I was convinced that the Lord wanted us to live in Detroit, but I have been really warming up to moving to The Big City since we've had the apartment. A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Butcher talked about this 'leave and cleave' notion that comes from Genesis - what does it look like to physically and emotionally
leave your family and cleave to your spouse. After hearing this, I was affirmed that the Lord wants me in NYC (until we start to talk about kids, then we can re-assess, haha.) I need to 'woman-up' and cut the codependent ties with my dad. I will need a lot of prayer - it's going to be really rough to leave my best girlfriends (and spiritual mentors) and my family (especially my mom, who has become my best friend.) Part of my spirit feels like I'm leaving all of this 'unsettled' business in Detroit, but the Lord is forcing me to trust him - He can work in my family and in Detroit without me here. He is not dependent on me. (Praise the Lord!) Other than that, I'm just finishing up my last semester of classes in graduate school, finishing up last minute wedding plans and packing up my stuff for the big move :) Please come visit us!

much love.

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