Sunday, October 25, 2009

i have THE best girlfriends <3

i will not lie, i have some of the best girlfriends :) last night was my bachelorette party - it was so fun! ashley graciously allowed us to start at her parents home. her and jennifer decorated with the theme 'sex in the city' - i'm headed to that city soon! they prepared delicious appetizers (mmmm!) which was followed by a game similar to 'the newlywed game', lingerie gifts and then we went to fishbones after.

one of my favorite parts of the evening was the 'newlywed game'. ashley sent jeff some questions about me and our relationship and he recorded his responses on video. it was so funny to compare our answers - and all of his responses were so heartfelt. mm, i get to marry him.

here are some pictures - thank you jennifer, ashley, sarah, lindsay and caitlin for such a wonderful night!

sweet sarah came despite a long, exhausting week. i admire this woman.

caitlin and i :) she brought the most delicious cupcakes from The Cupcake Station. mmmm!

jennifer, caitlin and lindsay at fishbones :) so fun!

ashley and i :) thanks for the fabulous crown/veil haha

i'm not sure why we were so sad?

dinzy came all the way from battle creek - what a good friend!

much love.

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