Thursday, October 8, 2009

becoming one (cell phone bill)

is this lame? yes. but jeff and i just started a cell phone plan together - one of the first things we have done 'together' (although he did everything to organize and pay for it, thanks jeff!) it makes me so excited for unity (although i did love it when my parents paid for my cell phone bill, utilities, school, food, gas,

it seems that lately i've been burdened by this idea of 'covenant marriage'. so many people say the vows, 'for better, for sickness, and in health' -- do people REALLY know what they're getting themselves into? seriously. this is a huge commitment! no wonder why so many people get divorced now-a-days. i've had the opportunity to work with stroke patients through graduate school - some of them come in with their spouses, unable to communicate themselves, mobile through a wheelchair, 100% dependent on their spouse. when you commit to marriage with someone, the lord has called you to say, "even if you have a stroke, and can't wipe your own booty, i am still going to remain faithful to you..." OR 'even if you become a drug addict, just like my dad, i'm making convenant with you and will see you through" OR "even if you cheat on me, i'm still going to love you through this and stay with you".

WOW! this is why christ has called us to love each other the way he loves the church. as christians, we 'cheat' on christ every day - with sin. yet, he continues to gift us with grace and restore us. how beautiful is that?!?! can marriage really be possible without christ present to bridge the gap between our selfish desires and what the lord has claimed marriage to be (romans 8:2-4)? so, in the midst of all of this divorce that surrounds me, i have hope for my marriage (and the marriage of those who claim christ.) mmm, makes me love the verse I Peter 4:8, "Above all, love each other deeply. For love covers a multitude of sin..." God = love. God covers sin. amen.

jeff is so good at loving me. i am visiting him in 3 weeks (oct. 30) and he has planned a romantic surprise for my birthday. honestly, why am i so blessed? previously, he has surprised me with a beautiful engagement, a romantic boat ride around manhattan at sunset, packages in the mail, flowers, chocolate, visits to michigan.....honestly women, don't settle for less!

ok, i need to study :)

much love.

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  1. Jessica Walko told me about your blog and it is super cute!!