Thursday, November 26, 2009

praise the lord. i am grateful.

today is thanksgiving - i have so much to be grateful for.

pete and i are headed out to my dads in a few hours. he just moved to this little lake-house in howell. last december, i trusted god for my dad's sobriety on my wedding day (and leading up to it!) thu
s far, god has been faithful and my dad has been sober for over a year. praise the lord. i am grateful.

last night, pete, elise and zak practiced the songs for our wedding. they are so talented. then, we had the opportunity to go taste some yummy appetizers at the whitney with my mom, allan and pete's friend, nick. they were so delicious. it was such a good time with great company. yesterday evening, i got to hang out with jennifer and caitlin. to be honest, i always fall asleep when we hang out (i can't help it, i'm a busy girl!) it was a little bittersweet knowing this may be our last girls night before i get married. they are such great friends. praise the lord. i am grateful.

tomorrow, i am headed to new york city with a couple of bags to begin moving into our apartment. jeff has done such an excellent job keeping-up the apartment and getting our life 'organized' in new york city. he is such an excellent provider. mr. and mrs. chin are taking us to go see 'memphis' on sunday. i have such generous in-laws. praise the lord. i am grateful.

only 14 days left until i am done with classes (forever!) i have me
t two of my best girlfriend, jen and heather, while at wayne state. the lord also provided me with a scholarship this past year, which has been a huge financial blessing. even though i fought long and hard to go to NYU for graduate school, god affirmed me that staying in michigan, at wayne state, was exactly where he wanted me. praise the lord, i am grateful.

within the past year, our family and friends have been so generous. my mom (and allan) are consistently asking me, 'what else do we need to make the wedding perfect?' the chin's and my dad have also financially blessed us to help make this the wedding jeff and i want. my aunts threw us a beautiful shower in august. jennifer has been my sanity throughout this planning process. ashley has generously been the 'designer and creator' of all the wedding stationary (invitations, programs, seating assignments.) my brothers have stepped up to help plan and be a part of the rehearsal dinner and be the ceremony musicians. praise the lord. i am grateful.

thank you to our friends and family who have loved on us and provided for us this past year.

much love.

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