Sunday, November 1, 2009

chocolate is my love language

i'm sitting on the couch in the Chin family room with jeff, mr. chin and mrs. chin watching the yankees beat the phillys in the world series :) jeff and i have had a fabulous weekend. friday night, he picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to our new home (i love the sound of that!) i am so grateful for jeff's servant heart - he is so meticulous with the cleanliness, decoration and organization of the apartment. he frequently says, 'babe, i'm making a home for you.' i am one lucky gal. when i walked into our bedroom, i was greeted by the most beautiful lillys - my favorite flower. so thoughtful! don't worry - jeff and i headed back to long island to sleep. only 7 more weeks of sleeping alone!

saturday jeff had a surprise for me - we headed to the metropolitan pavilion for the INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE SHOW. yes, ladies - an entire day dedicated to tasting a variety of chocolate (and dessert wine) from chocolatiers. to be honest, i started to feel a little sick towards the end. too much goodness in one day :) BUT sure does know my primary love language: chocolate (i'll take any kind - milk, white, dark...) later that night, mr. and mrs. chin took us out to an uber-fancy, uber-delicious dinner to celebrate mrs. chin's 29th birthday (haha.) we are so grateful to our parents. they are so generous.

today, jeff and i went with his parents to Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Popular for their preacher, Tim Kellar, the service we attended was much more traditional than what i'm used to. maybe God will do huge things in my heart, but I still like New Life (jeff's home church, in queens) more. we'll see where we end up. jeff and i are going to really depend on our church as a place to serve and find some christ-loving folk. one major downside of leaving michigan is leaving our dearest friends. oh well, god has always been faithful.

tomorrow i head home - boo! i'm heading home to a final exam on tuesday (that i've yet to study for) and only 7 more weeks of singleness. also, only 7 more weeks of planning to do. i still need to do a lot: order the boxes for our dessert table, finish my dress fitting, get our parents gifts, organize seating, make our programs, design our centerpieces....this list is stressing me out!

much love.

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