Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i don't want it to be THAT kind of wedding...

i hate it when brides get so caught up in the meaningless details of their weddings. honestly, is that what a bride wants her wedding to be about? details? no one remembers them, guaranteed.

i'm beginning to be a little over-stressed and annoyed by all of these details that are creeping up on me. honestly, i don't care about them! the only reason jeff and i are having a 'real' wedding is because it may be the only time all of our best friends and family will be together - and it is a great opportunity to show them who Christ is and what He claims marriage as. i promise you that marriage is not about centerpieces, the music, the drinks, the food .... or even the people who are in attendance at the wedding. marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman that represents the covenant Christ made with the church.

please pray that i would not allow these details to blur my focus on how i view our wedding and marriage.

much love.

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