Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost there!

Ahhh! I cannot believe we are only 5 days away from the big day! Please pray for Jeff, he is feeling a little bit under the weather and needs to drive to MI on Thursday.

I spent all day Sunday with Ashley making our wedding programs - they are so beautiful! Honestly, our wedding would have no details without that girl. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our wedding (and as one of our best friends!) I'll post some pictures of the programs soon.

So, I packed up my room this past weekend. It was a little bittersweet. I am so excited to move to New York - when I watch TV shows and movies that take place there, I get butterflies in my stomach (that's MY city!) When I tried to move away last time (to Taylor University, my first semester of college) I came home rather quickly. There's no backing out this time! Haha. Several people have told us that being away from family is the BEST thing for the first couple years of marriage. Just know - I hope and pray I can have babies (in 5 years or so) near my momma!

My brothers, Zak and Pete, have been so great during this planning process. Zak is letting all of the guys (Jeff's friends and brother from NY) stay at his condo downtown. They are also our ceremony musicians - mm m mm, so talented! I think our wedding has drawn us closer.

Jeff comes in Thursday - we will be heading to David and Heather's home with Jen and Clark to have a dinner party (celebrating the end of graduate school classes!) I'm so excited for this dinner party, but it too will be a little bittersweet. Heather and Jen have become two of my best friends over the past year and a half, and BAM! Now I'm leaving! Boo! Their friendship reminds me that it WILL be possible for me to meet new girlfriends in New York. God has been so faithful and has provided me with the most beautiful, intimate friendships with other young women.

Well, I have a couple things to do, so I need to scoot. Please pray for our wedding day and our marriage. Pray that God would use us to teach others about Him and His Son. Please also pray for safe travels (Jeff's family is coming in from New York, Florida, Boston and California!)

Our pictures will be up on our photographers website a few weeks after the wedding.
www.karapurtell.com Click on "proofing", then click on "Jeff & Laura". The password is: chinjl

Much love.

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