Monday, September 6, 2010

Quick Prayer for my Dad


(I only feel free to post this request because I know my dad is secure in his sobriety, and will freely speak to anyone interested about his addiction.)  

As many of you know, this has been a long 2 years for my dad.  In October of 2008 my dad and his wife relapsed with drugs & alcohol.  Although he is approaching his 2 year sobriety date (praise God!), the Lord really has humbled my dad through this experience.  He lost A TON: his marriage, his house, his job, financial security and his relationship with his son.  My dad loves the Lord and has faith that the Lord will be faithful in providing for his needs (I have a lot to learn from him.)

My dad is a pharmacist, and because of legal reasons, he has not been able to practice since his last relapse in October 2008.  This THURSDAY, September 9, my dad will visit the court to determine if, and when, he can go back to work.  Gratefully, my dad has followed any and all probation regulations, has remained sober, and continues to be dedicated to his sobriety and living a clean life.  

These past two years has also been really stressful on me (& Jeff), Peter and even my mom.  My dad doesn't have ANY family and few friends to keep him company, help him in time of need or just hang out with.  I feel extreme guilt when I visit Michigan because, although I spend a good deal of time with him, I am torn between time in Grosse Pointe with my mom and friends and time in Howell (1 hour away from 'home') with my dad.  I am in constant fear of a relapse, or some other accident.  Who will find my dad if he falls down the stairs or into the lake?  Does my dad have enough money to eat?  The Lord has been doing a great deal of breaking my co-dependent thinking with my dad, but it still sucks.  

So, I am asking that you would please pray for my dad and his court date on September 9. If it is in the Lord's will for my dad to go back and work as a pharmacist, pray he would open that door.  If it is not in the Lord's will for my dad to be a pharmacist, but do something else, please pray for that.  My dad is getting bored and really desires a schedule (and some extra money!)

Thank you so much.

Much Love.

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