Friday, September 3, 2010

Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska is a dessert made of ice cream, spongecake and meringue.  I had a little too much Baked Alaska on our Alaskan Cruise last week. In fact, I had too much of ALL food last week.  Oops.  

Jeff and I went on an Alaskan Cruise last week with his brother, parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle and three cousins...a Chin Family affair.  We were celebrating Mr. Chin's 60th birthday and checking an item off of Jeff's Grandpa's bucket list (I know, it's a bit morbid.)  

Our trip started in Seattle.  The Oosterdam (our ship) set sail from Downtown Seattle and we had the opportunity to enjoy the city prior to leaving.  The time difference really didn't affect me - in fact, I continued to fall asleep at about 10pm Eastern Standard Time throughout the trip (even though that was about 6pm Alaskan time, haha.)  
Here we are on our boat outside of Seattle - beautiful!

Jon enjoying all of the fish at Pike Place Market. Jon manages the seafood department at Whole Foods...Seafood is his passion (which is obvious if you ever ride -or smell-his car.)

Jeff and I enjoying Pike Place Market

Two brothers enjoying Seattle together..Dressed in clashing plaid 

After Seattle we set sail for Juneau, Alaska. We spent 2 days at sea and visited "glacier valley". It was beautiful!  HUGE mountains, glaciers and whales swimming around us.   (see other posts for pictures of glaciers and other alaska photos i took on my phone.)

Downtown Juneau was my favorite spot. We shopped in the morning and hiked Mt. Roberts - 3.5 miles up hill in the wet mountains.  Saying it was my FIRST hike ever, it was a tough one!  

Jeff's mom, brother and three cousins hiked with us. Here's a picture of us at the top!

Mrs. Chin was a trooper - she fell in the mud (it was slippery!) and her pants got pretty dirty. For some reason I thought it was appropriate to rub mud on my face so she didn't feel left out :)

"Hi, my name is Jeff and I won't look at the camera to take a picture." :)

So beautiful!

Our last two stops were Katchikan and Sitka.  They were .... small towns.  Fun (and beautiful!) to see, but not much there.  The best part was seeing THOUSANDS of salmon swimming upstream to spawn. Jeff and I bought some heavy-duty rain boots and got to STAND in the stream with the fish (gross, but cool.)

Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity to go to Alaska. Cruises aren't my FAVORITE thing, and I probably won't go on another one (the smells get to me), but it was a great vacation!

Much Love.

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