Sunday, September 12, 2010

Becoming a grown-up in Brooklyn

Alas, it's true - Jeff and I are growing up.  We have grown-up expenses, grown-up jobs, are renting a grown-up apartment AND just put a deposit down for our first family member, a puppy!  

I spoke with my mom this afternoon after she left NYC. I was crying, of course - missing home.  Although she sympathized with me for a minute, the conversation ended with a tone of, "Laura, it's time to grow up."  It's true. Growing up is upon us.  

Grown-up Expenses
Do you know how stressful it is to have money? Jeff and I are by no means rich, but we do have a steady stream of income (Praise God for our jobs!) My thought life has been more consumed by money and finances when compared to my financial situation in graduate school (some weeks I would have $5 in my bank account - God STILL provided.) It's an obsession. Having more has definitely made me want more. Yuck. As Jeff and I were reviewing our finances, it seems as though our fixed costs have grown exponentially.  In all honesty, when compared to others at our life-stage, we are doing "well". We are saving, giving and enjoying BUT we don't want to hold ourselves to the "wanting more" lifestyle that consumes our culture (do you know how many people have an unhealthy amount of financial DEBT in our country?!)  I am so grateful for Jeff who has set our marital 'saving standard' much higher than I would. I really appreciate how he desires to be a good steward of what the Lord has blessed us with. We know that money is what destroys so many marriages and relationships and we don't want to let it control ours. Our church is offering "Financial Peace University" by David Ramsey - a seminar on using and viewing money in a way that honors the Lord. We are looking forward to that :) 

Grown-up Jobs
I know I've posted about this before, but I love my job as a speech therapist. Although it's so fun to hang out with families and their babies all day, I interact with individuals with very 'grown-up' issues. Sexual abuse, abandonment, poverty....issues that are bigger than what a 0-3 year old can handle.  In addition, jeff and i are dealing with questions about insurance options, 401K, life insurance policies - how did we get here so fast?  What is life insurance and why do we need it? isn't it for old people, like our parents?  :)

Grown-up Apartment
(See pic above of a street in Fort Greene - ours looks similar!) Although we haven't officially signed the lease, we have put down a deposit for an apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn! It's a beautiful apartment in a brownstone located 1/2 blocks away from a large park and 1 block away from Jeff's subway stop. The Lord is good.  We will be moving September 30.  I feel really lucky that my mom even got to see it this weekend - she loved it! We are praying that the Lord would use us in this neighborhood for HIS glory.

Growing Family
I grew up with a family dog, Brodie, who is still missed.  Ever since we got married, Jeff and I have really wanted a dog.  Well, the time is right and we have done our research: we will be welcoming a Portuguese Water Dog into our family in January!  We are so excited!  My mom, Jeff and I had fun thinking of names for our soon-to-be pup this weekend.  Some contenders include: Barnabas, Wolverine, Scooby, Brooklyn, Eddie or Frank (for Frank's Hot Sauce.)  

well, it's 9:15pm - my bedtime. thanks to my momma for a great weekend!

much love.

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  1. Travis and I love Dave Ramsey! Well, "love" may not be the right word exactly. We're trying to do his "Total Money Makeover", which is what FPU is based off of I think. The book was really eye opening and educating. Can't wait to see pics of your new place!