Friday, April 30, 2010


jeff and i went to momofuku last saturday night with...FRIENDS. i'm so grateful for our bible studies, who are not only spiritually encouraging, but also good friends. momofuku is a koren-style barbeque. the dinner was a group format in which we received 2 fried chickens - one korean style, and one southern american style. not so good for our waistline, but delicious. momofuku is a 'hotspot' in NYC - the chef is pretty famous. he also owns a dessert bar (called the 'milk bar') around the corner where we stopped after dinner - famous for their 'crack pie', 'compost cookie', and 'cereal milkshakes'. YUM.

it's funny, because i don't have much...VARIETY to the food i eat. i love mexican, italian and american...but my palate isn't very diverse. i loved momofuku - it was delicious. something NYC has (that most cities don't!) is food of every nation. the lord created so many beautiful cultures, foods, nationalities - and i want to experience it all while i'm here! not only am i exposed to more food here, but i have NO WHITE FRIENDS. this is new to me. i know, i know - i married a chinese man and have always preached about breaking down cultural and racial barriers - but here in NYC (and with my church) it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid it! it's so beautiful! all of my friends here thus far are asian (korean, chinese) or black. pretty neat. i appreciate them : )

the lord has really blessed us with beautiful weather over the past week (excuse my pastiness in this picture). jeff and i enjoyed a sunny afternoon in central park - reading our books (me in the sun, jeff under a nearby tree.) it was delightful. we live in a great city.

i head to Detroit next week for graduation (yay!) and then we head to ARUBA for our honeymoon! so exciting!

i'll leave with this verse that i was praying over today that was so encouraging:
To Him who led His people through the wilderness, for HIS lovingkindess is everlasting.
Pslam 136:16
through this wilderness of marriage, life in new york city, new beginnings - his lovingkindness is STILL everlasting. praise god.

Much Love.

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