Tuesday, April 6, 2010

JD Visits NYC :)

Jeff and I were blessed with Jennifer's visit this past weekend to NYC. She came out on Friday and stayed until Tuesday. This was her first trip to The City (well, she said she had some when she was a baby/toddler.) It was a breath of fresh air to have my girlfriend here - although it did really make my heart long more for some girlfriends here in the city.

The first evening we spent walking around our neighborhood - the Upper East Side. Jennifer's birthday is April 17, so I made a yummy lasagna and brownies to celebrate her :) After dinner, we went to Southern Hospitality - Justin Timberlake's Barbeque/Bar. It was relaxing and enjoyable to catch up with Jen.

Since Jen hasn't officially enjoyed NYC, she had some touristy things to catch up on. Saturday, we explored Times Square, saw In the Heights (starring Corbin Bleu!), bought some NYC paraphernalia, met up with Neil (Jeff's friend from UM) at a wine bar AND had The Original Ray's Famous Pizza (yum!) The musical was excellent (Jen's first broadway show!) and the wine bar followed by delicious pizza concluded a fabulous, yet exhausting, day in The City.

Sunday was Easter. Can I be honest? It really didn't feel like Easter! We went down to 5th avenue to see the Easter Parade (though it was more of a 'gathering', and I think we missed it), strolled through Central Park and then met for Brunch with the Chins. Because Jeff and I go to church in the evening, we had a hard time delighting in Easter. Later that evening, Jen and I met Jeff @ church (he played violin during worship, my favorite.)
On Monday, Jennifer and I got VIP passes to the Regis & Kelly show (thanks, mom!) This was SO exciting. For those of you who know Jennifer, you know she is a pop-culture, TV show junkie (we love this about her!), so going to Regis & Kelly was VERY exciting for her (I won't lie, I loved it too.) We had great seats and got to speak with Regis & Kelly (okay, Kelly is WAY to skinny, especially in person.) After the show, Jennifer and I strolled down to Rockafellar Center, where we enjoyed a Magnolia's Cupcake. We even saw Hoda walking around (from the Today show.) Later, we went down to Chinatown where Jennifer bargained for the first time for a watch and a purse. I was proud of her :)

It was sad to drop Jennifer off at the airport today - she will be missed. My heart longs for friends like Jennifer here in NYC - I'm learning it's much harder to make them after college.

Back to my internship tomorrow - only 3.5 weeks until I graduate!
Much Love

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