Thursday, December 31, 2009

Perfect wedding, perfect husband, perfect apartment :)

So, all of the hustle-and-bustle is over. The wedding was a blur - a beautiful blur. Everything went so smoothly -- and ALL OF OUR GUESTS SHOWED UP! Can you believe it? There were NO "no-shows". I am so grateful to our parents (and sweet Allan) who emotionally, mentally, physically and financially supported us on the day of our wedding. I don't really have words to describe it - but it was so beautiful.

Jeff and I wrote our own vows, without conversing about them prior to the wedding, and they said the same things (Jeff's, of course, were much more eloquent.) A main theme through our engagement and hope for our marriage was the idea of "choosing" each other. Eventually, the butterflies of being in love will subside, and we are going to have to continuously choose to love each other. This love, of 'choosing', is similar to the agape love of Jesus Christ.
In spite of our imperfections, Christ CHOOSES to love us, unconditionally - just as a husband and wife are called to love each other.

After the wedding, I immediately went to the Social Security office to change my name
- I am officially Laura Chin! Then, we headed up north to Crystal Mountain. The family I babysit for blessed us with their cottage at the resort - it was a real treat! Since I didn't have health insurance yet, skiing didn't seem like a wise decision. We spent an entire day at the spa (couples massage, sauna, outdoor hot-tub in the snow.) It was fabulous. We headed home on December 23rd (a day earlier than anticipated) because a big ice storm was supposed to hit Northern Michigan on December 24th (when we were planning on coming home for family parties.) Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's family and Christmas day was spent with my dad.

Jeff and I woke up at 4:00am on December 26th to head to our new home. It was so bittersweet. I cried ALL day on Christmas (the 25th), the 26th and the 27th. It's weird because within the past year, my brothers have become some of my best friends - and now, I'm gone. A little part of me wishes that we could stay in Detroit to live, but I know NYC is where the Lord wants us (for now!) I miss my mom (she is my best friend and closest confidante) and my dad. Nothing compares to the closeness I have with my family.

I'm trying to enjoy NYC while I'm here (don't worry, no more tears) but am looking forward to the day when Jeff and I can head back to the midwest.
Jeff has been diligently working on our apartment - building LOTS of ikea furniture :) It is officially looking like our first home :) It's in a great neighborhood, and is perfect for us. I am so grateful that Jeff desires to provide for us, and has saved money to allow us to make this teeny apartment our home (i'll post some pictures later.) One thing living in a small apartment forces you to do is DE-CLUTTER! It's fabulous. Living simply should be the only way to live ;)

Tonight, we are having Jeff's best friends over for New Years Eve (I hope they know how intimate this gathering will be!) I have cooked the past three nights - it hasn't been a TOO MUCH of a disaster :) Practice makes perfect, right?

Thanks for all of the prayers and support in regards to our wedding. Please continue to pray that I learn to embrace NYC as my home - that I would be affirmed this is where God wants me NOW - that I would not spend my time worrying about my family back home in Michigan. Ahh, yesterday I enjoyed a long run in Central Park - it makes me love NYC even more :)

Much Love.


  1. That is beautiful Laura! Again Congrats to you and Jeff. I am so incredibly happy that God blessed you with such a beautiful life. May he continue to bless you throughout. Much Love,


  2. Laura, you look so beautiful. Your post has me tearing up! I know how difficult it is to be far away from family, but you guys will be fine. God has put you on this path for a reason! Love you cuz!