Wednesday, January 26, 2011


jeff and i are sitting in our new apartment, enjoying a quiet night. he said, "whatcha doing? updating your blog? you haven't done that in awhile." eeek, i guess it's time :)

I've been learning a lot about expectations.... mostly in my relationships with friends, family and jeff. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I am inept at communicating and often feel let down by people because I have expectations that have been unmet. More frequently than not, my (freakishly high) expectations were never communicated to people I love which results in major disappointment.

There's no way that Jeff can know that I expect him to take the garbage out if we never discussed our expectations about whose role it is to take it out. (I assume that he should take it out because I do the laundry and apartment cleaning....not the case.)

I cannot expect people I meet at church to be my go-to friends if I've never communicated my longing for friendship and if I've never considered that they may already be at their "friend-quota".

I cannot expect my friends that do not claim Christ, or who are not walking with Christ, to live their lives as I see fit. Unfair. They cannot be upheld to this standard I've set for myself.

(I know this is a really touchy subject but...)

I cannot preach about what the gospel says about issues like homosexuality or abortion, and expect to be persuasive, to people who are not christians. although I do believe the bible to be 100% truth, it will only damage a non-christian's heart and their perspective on christianity if i walk around pressing my standards on them.

i am 1/2 sleeping as i write this post.. i think i will cuddle up in bed with a book.

much love.

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