Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting "FIT" makes me LOVE my job!

It's true. I love my job. I know, hard to believe after the last posts about how exhausting it was. Why is it so much better? Jeff and I purchased a Honda Fit a couple of weekends ago which has made my life so much easier! No more morning panic attacks, no more "roughing it" on brooklyn public transportation to 8 homes a day, no more "stealing" air conditioning on hot, sweaty days from local businesses...Our Fit has blessed me so much.

We had been looking into buying a car for the past month or so but thought we would wait until early September to make a purchase. Two weekends ago we had the opportunity to test drive a Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta and ended up buying the Fit THAT day. This purchase was also a milestone in our marriage: our first grown-up purchase. I am so grateful for a job, and a supportive husband, to be able afford a car. Most New Yorkers don't get this luxury :)

Much Love.

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