Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Lovin'

I know this post is a little delayed, but I've had another chaotic week.

Jeff swooned me (per usual) and took me to "The Painted Pot" - a ceramic painting place - for Valentines day. We decided to paint a dog bowl in anticipation of our puppy :) I picked it up yesterday, and THIS is our work of art:
our dog will be a nature-lovin' fool - as illustrated by the dirt and grass....

typical laura: including poop into artwork - i am so immature

After tapping into our artistic side, we enjoyed a delectable and romantic dinner at Scopello. Scopello is another Fort Greene gem - delicious italian food. I'm sure we will be enjoying it again with my family (whenever they visit.)

After stuffing our faces with carbolicious italian cuisine, we took a stroll down the brooklyn heights promenade (a sidewalk that runs parallel with the east river, overlooking manhattan) and reveled in this spectacular view of manhattan:

The Brooklyn Bridge

Jeff and I feel a transition coming.. We're not really sure what this looks like, but I'm not really ready to write about it.. To be continued :)

Much Love.

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