Tuesday, December 21, 2010

amidst the chaos

i thought our life was busy before...but, our life has officially taken a turn for chaotic.

sparing the nitty-gritty details, we are planning to move out of our current apartment. yes, we just moved in about three months ago, but we have been living without hot water and inconsistent heat since september. after several colds, arguments with our landlord and frustration, we have come to an agreement with our landlord and will be moving out as early as january 1st.

january 1st. in 11 days from now... 5 of which we will be in Michigan.

(if you have tried to contact jeff or i, and we have failed to be available, please forgive us... after our next move in early january, we will return your kind calls, emails and messages. AND if you are trying to get a hold of us for some time while we're in michigan, we are sincerely trying to see everyone...fact is, we are really there to visit with our family and will make sincere attempts to see you!)

amidst the crazy moment, i really feel at peace. the lord has really opened up doors, softened our landlord's heart and provided us with a ton of support from our family and friends.

on another note, we went skiing in vermont this past weekend with our small group. hydie, lydia, dan, cathy, alfredo, jeff and i headed up to stratton for some time on the slopes. i only skied for a 1/2 day - the cute town, shops and coffee houses were calling my name :) jeff and i both haven't skied in years and, surprisingly, did fairly well. jeff even conquered his first black diamond.

when you spend time with beautiful friends, in a beautiful mountain town, you quickly realize how sovereign god is. whether it's while you're headed straight down a hill screaming and somehow manage to avoid a spill, relaxing in a spa with girlfriends, or getting ready to move out of the place you recently made "home"....the Lord has you...

Merry Christmas.

Much Love.

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  1. MUCH LOVE TO DOUBLE-BLACK-CHINS! Thanks for being the best car buddies while I passed out or chatted incessantly. I'm stronger than I look. I can help move! (Happy Anniv, btw)