Friday, November 12, 2010


my sweet husband is visiting some of his fraternity brothers in san francisco this weekend while my mom and grandma visit.  i was a little freaked out by sleeping alone in our new place last night.  predicting this would happen, jeff wrote me the sweetest note and slipped it under my pillow.

in the note, jeff talked about how fulfilled he is by our marriage.  

jeff and i both know a marriage cannot complete a person or fulfill our deepest emotional needs, only god can...but our marriage can be fulfilling.  and it feels good.

i was deeply touched by jeff's note.  jeff and i have been digging into the word (1 john) with our small group and hashing out some differences we have on finances.  god is forming our marriage into something beautiful. something more than i expected.  

the notes, words or affirmation and gentle touches throughout the day really make me feel loved. not only am i loved by my heavenly father, i am loved by a great man.  

i don't know why i posted about this - maybe it's too intimate.  

much love.

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