Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last few weeks of freedom

It's true - I start working on June 1 and am REALLY soaking up the last few weeks of freedom. The month I have had off has been so relaxing and has provided restoration.

I went home to Michigan to spend some quality time with family and friends (as noted in my previous post), came back to NY for a few days and then Jeff and I headed to ARUBA for our honeymoon. It's funny how God works - the timing of our honeymoon was so perfect. Jeff and I really got to face some things in our spiritual journeys that we had been ignoring, give grace to each other and receive grace from one another. We are back from Aruba feeling rested and restored.

I'll post more about Aruba once I have access to the pictures on Jeff's computer.

On another exciting note, Pete got into med school! From the beginning of this med school application process, Pete continually said, "Laura, I'm not going to get into Wayne State - it's much too competitive." For some reason, I really felt the Lord telling me, "Laura, he's going to go to wayne state - encourage him to not lose hope." Pete was gradually accepted to several schools, but turned them all down, holding out for wayne state (this 'waiting' and 'denying' process gave my mom a few gray hairs - bless that woman's heart!) In jest, my mom and brothers would say, "Okay laura, talk to God - we ready for this stressful waiting game to be over." Haha - God was faithful and Peter will soon be: Peter Wilton, M.D. Praise God.

On another note, our friends Eric & Sarah Russ (they started a sweet church in Detroit, MI) were in NY last night for a missions conference. Eric spoke, and we got to see him! I have babysat for their beautiful children a few times and they are sort of affiliated with my home church. Of course, seeing them further burdened our hearts for Detroit. Please pray that the Lord would continue to make his plan clear to us as to WHEN we are to head back. I'd like to go back tomorrow :) hahah

Well, we are headed off to church!

Much Love.

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