Wednesday, January 27, 2010

to-may-to, to-mah-to?

the most simple and mundane things remind me of my mom now that i am living away. today, while cutting a big tomato for dinner, the smell reminded me of my mom. something about the way the vine smelled mixed with the freshness of this tomato - it reminded me of the tomato plants my mom used to grow in our backyard when we lived on north oxford. as i was retelling jeff this lame story over dinner, i couldn't hold back the tears. i feel so blessed to have a mom who is my best friend and confidante (and who loves a good tomato, sliced with salt and pepper ;) )

i don't think my mom fully understands what an excellent mother she was to my brothers and i growing up. i lived with her (and allan) for the last year and a half while i was in graduate school. most twenty-somethings loathe living at home with their parents after living away for 4 years of college. i loved every second of it (may they made me a little TOO comfortable, haha.)

i'm learned so much from her. some simple truths my mom has taught me:
1.) never ever be with a man who is abusive (whether it's physically, emotionally or with a substance.) i am worth MORE than that.

2.) don't sweat the small stuff. it's never that big of a deal in the long-term.
3.) healthy body = healthy mom. my mom is a dedicated runner (6 miles a
day!) and swears that running maintained her sanity.
4.) it's okay to treat yourself. every once in awhile, it's okay to go get a man
i-pedi. it won't break the bank.
5.) never give up on your kids. they will appreciate you for hanging around.
6.) the deliciousness (is that a word?) of fresh vegetables. like those beefsteak tomatoes we grew on north oxford, my mom appreciates and loves all vegeta
bles. they're good for the soul. in fact, jeff and i have a big fresh salad for dinner every night, just as my mom did for us as kids. mmm.. delicious!

so, that silly tomato's aroma today made me realize how much i love my mom. AND i get to see her on friday :)

much love

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